Executive Summary

The Rebekah Baines Johnson (RBJ) Senior Residence was built in 1972 by the Austin Geriatric Center, Inc. (AGC) as an affordable housing development for seniors. The RBJ property is located adjacent to City of Austin owned park land that is currently used for a variety of health care and office purposes. There is also a community garden located on part of the City owned land.

The AGC Board of Directors is developing a strategic master plan for the improvement and redevelopment of its property. The Austin City Council has passed a resolution directing staff to consider adding the future redevelopment of its land to the strategic master plan. In May 2010, HS&A Project Management (HS&A) and its subconsultants were engaged by AGC to provide technical assistance in the development of the strategic master plan.

Community engagement is an essential part of developing a successful strategic master plan. In an effort to gather information from the community, HS&A developed and conducted a community survey in January and February of 2011. This survey sought the opinion of the residents of the area to determine goods, services and improvements desired for the Center's redevelopment. The survey also recorded basic demographic information from the respondents. The information contained in the survey responses will be used to develop some programming parameters for the strategic master plan.


Data was collected through the use of a ten question cross-sectional survey, distributed by HS&A's community outreach subconsultant, Estilo Communications, in January 2011. The survey contained nine quantitative measurement questions and one qualitative open-ended question.

The survey was made available in both paper and digital formats. Both formats were available in English and Spanish. The paper surveys were made available at a series of public information sessions. Surveys were also distributed at local libraries. The web address of the online survey was printed on the paper survey. The web address was also published in press releases and sent to known interested parties via e-mail. Responses not collected electronically were dropped off at designated locations within the nearby neighborhoods. These paper responses were later entered into the web based survey.


The preliminary results of the survey responses are included in this analysis.


Rebekah Baines Johnson Center Strategic Master Plan Survey Results